Ben Kuby

In the lead up to This Coffee Thing #1, we've sent out a brief survey to our presenters and panelists. Ben Kuby has been making coffee and being a delightful human being on coasts both west and east for a while now. He recently left coffee shop life to make coffee at the totally delicious 29th St. pizzeria Marta. We’re very excited for him to share several slices of his restaurant coffee experience with us on our hospitality panel.

Who are one or two coffee heroes of yours?
My parents, for always having coffee around.

What musician most makes music most like the way you make coffee?
At the moment, John Prine. A bit rustic, but certainly a colorful human.

What's your favorite horror movie?
Do Woody Allen films count as horror films?

What scares you most about coffee?
Lack of clarity and balance, in cups and in business.