Nick Kohout has worked the bar at some of the best coffee shops in Chicago and now works for the prettiest scale company in the coffee universe, Acaia. He's flying into NYC to teach us all about scales, so tare your emotions and get ready to read all about him (I'm already aware that joke doesn't really make sense but hope to be even more aware of why after Nick's talk).


Who are one or two coffee heroes of yours?
Maciej Kasperowicz and Marty Sweeney  

What's your least favorite brewing method?
Siphon, but only because they are so annoying to clean.

If you were a coffee beverage, what would you be?
Batch brew filter coffee. I'll leave the reasons open to interpretation.

What's your favorite animal? 
Besides my cat, Henry? Raccoons. They are called "little washing bears" in Italian, which is super cute.