Amaris Gutierrez-Ray is yet another awesome coffee professional on our panel The Barista Monologues: Discussing the Experiences of Women in Coffee. She roasts coffee for Cafe Integral.

Who are one or two coffee heroes of yours?
The producers and female cuppers our company works with every year. I'm constantly imagining them on the other side of our cupping tables here in NY, and am encouraged to keep up the pace and mirror that effort. 

What's your least favorite brewing method?
Espresso - don't scoff! Give me a kettle and some filters and I'm a very happy camper.

If you were a coffee beverage, what would you be? 
I'm all about that Fetco hustle, all day every day.

What's your favorite animal?
Adelie penguins and extraordinarily large Bernese Mountain dogs -- the dumber the better.