Tymika got her start in specialty coffee quite accidentally 5 years ago and never looked back. She's now with Counter Culture Coffee, educating baristas, and helping cafes serve great coffee to the masses! She will be yet another panelist on our panel "The Barista Monologues"

Who are one or two coffee heroes of yours?
This is so hard! Like every good coffee person, I have a profound respect for all the hard work that gets done at origin. One of my producer heroes is Marysabel Caballero. She's innovative, consistently produces excellent coffee, and is incredibly warm and gracious. 

On our side of the supply chain, I would say Lizz Hudson, and Emily Davis(head of education at CCC). Aside from being exceptionally skilled coffee people, they've also been great mentors who have supported (and challenged) me!

What's your least favorite brewing method?
V60! Not because you can't make a great cup of coffee using one, but because I think a lot about the accessibility of specialty coffee. I want brewing great coffee at home to be accessible to beginners, and it can be a challenging brew method for a new coffee person!

What's your favorite animal?
Dogs for sure(mine in particular of course)! I lose it pretty much every time I pass a Dachshund on the street.