Total (submission) Request Live

Well, we've pulled off two, so why not go for three, right? We've started work on This Coffee Thing #3, and while we don't have a date yet (some time between mid-June and mid-July?!), it's time to get started on asking you for probably the most important thing we need to keep this rolling along: dope submissions.

If you'd like to join our illustrious list of presenters, send 200-500 words describing what you would like to present at This Coffee Thing to We're looking for presentations in the neighborhood of half an hour, and we're interested in the scientific, social, technological, historical, and practical (and mostly anything else not covered under those umbrellas) sides of coffee.

One of the main things we learned after TCT#2 is that we need to be better at responding to and giving feedback about all these submissions, so we promise that if you holler, we'll holler back this time. We'll be open for submissions until Monday, May 16th and we can't wait to hear from you!